Don't wait until it's too late!

Fitness training that will give you double the results in a quarter of the time.

Self-defence that works on the street and can be performed by anyone, regardless of your age, gender, size or self-defence experience.

Hello and welcome to Real World Fitness and Combat. My name is John Wayne Legg. Thanks so much for visiting our no-nonsense website devoted to reality based self-defence and combat fitness training: Combat training at its best and fitness training that really works. You’ll never feel safer and you’ll never feel fitter.

You will quickly discover why our school is the best in Melbourne for helping you to get fit and fearless - fast!

You'll understand why the "average" man or woman benefits so much from our programs and you'll see why our school is populated by people just like you; Accountants, computer programmers, Pastors, trades people, students, builders and children.

In fact, our programs are changing lives for the better all over the city.
Get into the best shape of your life. Improve flexibility overnight. Get motivated and achieve your goals. Move to a whole new level of strength and health.


I was 85kg and had weak muscles. I couldn't even do 5 push ups, or 1 chin up, or 15 sit ups, and running was out of the question. Now I'm 75kg and feel fit as a fiddle and I also feel confident in my ability to defend myself to any extent when the need arise.

Reece Letcher - Frankston

A great deal of fitness training wastes far too much time, is extremely boring and trains your body in an inefficient manner. We'll show you how you can get amazing results in a quarter of the time, and easily blast that unwanted fat right off your body.

Unlike traditional Martial Arts that teaches applications relevant to ancient worlds that no longer exist, you need a system that deals with modern day threats you are likely to face in the real world such as street attacks, knife attacks, baseball bat threats, firearm threats etc. Threats relevant to today's society.

As one of our students, you will learn life saving skills from day one. In a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous - you can't afford not to train with us.

Let us help you too

Whether you want incredible Real World Combative skills, unstoppable confidence, massive weight loss or a whole bunch of new friends we can help you, as we have for many others just like you.

Just like our current members You Can experience MASSIVE Changes - Almost Overnight!


"When I started with Real World Fitness and Combat, I was an out of shape truck driver. I now train regularly twice a week and feel much better for it. I've also had a couple of situations where I've had to use the RWC skills I've learned, and let me tell you they definitely work. One of them was multiple people attacking me, and RWC got me out of there unharmed.

My self confidence these days is at an all time high!"–

Darren Kelly - Blind Bight

We have options that allow you to take advantage of our training, whether you live here in Melbourne or anywhere in the world.

Too many people wait until they've already been attacked, before they learn effective self protection tactics. I don't want you, or any other decent person to be one of those statistics. Don't wait until it's too late! Learn Real World Combat today.

Click here for your training options.

Whatever it takes to protect myself and the ones I love,

John Wayne Legg

...Protect Your Loved Ones

" I guarantee that you will feel the benefits of training at Real World Fitness and Combat within 6 weeks"
John Wayne Legg - Expert in Reality Based Self Defence and Functional Fitness training

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