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John Wayne Legg – Founder & Chief Instructor. Over 28 years experience.

You too can discover this easy to learn, “Reality Based Self Defence” system! A system that focuses on self defence that works on the street or anywhere you need it. A system that can be performed by anyone, regardless of your age, gender or self-defence experience.

Unlike traditional Martial Arts that teaches applications relevant to ancient worlds that no longer exist. Or Combat sports that train you to fight within rules that do not exist in a REAL WORLD attack. You will learn how to deal with modern day, realistic threats such as street attacks, baseball bat threats, firearm threats etc. Threats relevant to today’s society.

If you are serious about protecting yourself and loved one's this is the place to train. John teaches very easy to learn techniques that are brutally effective that anyone of any size can learn.

I have trained in filipino and indonesian combative arts and the RWC system is the "REAL DEAL", no katas/forms or point sparring, just real techniques that work in the real world.

Dave Jones
Endeavour Hills

As one of our students, you will learn life saving skills from day one. In a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous – you can’t afford not to train with us.

Call 1300 530 783 NOW or fill in the form below to book your FREE introductory lesson. We will be in contact shortly to confirm the date of your class at our training centre in Hallam.

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I came into this course emotionally and physically weak. This course has given me my confidence back and provided me with real life self defence skills that can truly protect me.

John is an excellent teacher; He is patient and has an abundance of knowledge to share. He knows his audience and can teach according to your situation. An absolute pleasure!

Michelle Campanilla
Mount Waverly

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