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With Proper “Real World” Training You Will Be Fitter, Stronger, Faster, More Confident and Definitely Safer.

Jenny Xu

It’s an excellent course. The techniques are simple, easy to learn but very effective. The most important thing is that the course prepared me mentally. It was also a lot of fun!

You have 4 options for undertaking your training with us
at Australian Real World Combat.

1) Live group classes with John, at our location in Hallam:

We have membership options to suit you, whatever your situation or budget. You can join us with either a month to month membership or 12 month membership (paid in full or payments in weekly amounts).

If you are planning to attend our regular classes, you are welcome to come in for a FREE trial class first. This will give you a chance to see why Real World Combat is so different to other self defence systems.

Call 1300 530 783 or email us NOW, to arrange your trial lesson.

2) Personal Safety Basics course: This is a unique course specially designed to get you started in the Real World Combat system. For those who want to get a good taste for what we are about before becoming a member, this is the best option. Click here for more details on up coming course dates.

3) Private One on One lessons with John
These can be 1 hour or 30 minute sessions, depending on your budget and how quickly you want to learn.

Private training will allow you to expedite your training and take your learning forward in leaps and bounds.

4) Online video lessons (coming soon)


If you have a goal we have a program that will get you there fast! Learn more about our great programs and schedule your free trial class!

Contact us for more information on your Real World training options.

Chris Sandford

Since training at Real World I have gone from 6 push-ups to 60.

Joining Australian REAL WORLD Combat has been great for my fitness, health, safety and marriage (every wife likes their husband to have six-pack abbs). The combat training has not only been vital in my desire to protect my family, but is really enjoyable too. The class environment feels like I'm training with long-time mates.

I really love the family-like atmosphere, it makes me look forward to each session. Finally a combat system with no bowing and boring kata's, just real people learning real techniques that actually work in the real world.

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