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In order to understand this properly, indulge us for a moment while we look at an overview of various combat systems:

Worldwide, the various combat systems available fit into 3 basic categories:

1. Traditional Martial Arts (Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo etc)
2. Combat Sports (boxing, thai boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu etc)
3. Reality Based Self Defence (various)

While there are many great things you can learn from both category 1 and 2, they have massive limitations if you want to learn to protect your self in a REAL WORLD attack.

We definitely fit into the category of Reality Based Self Defence. We are not traditional and have no interest in the sport side of things (except watching).

Real World Combat is a unique blend of both physical and mental scientific principles. Underpinned by simple and easy to learn techniques that have been proven to work in a real world environment. One of our key philosophies is, “The number One Rule of REAL fighting is there are NO RULES.” There will be no referee there to pull your attacker off you. You will not have a coach ready to throw in the towel if you get exhausted and can’t go on. You will be on your own! so you need to make sure that you have devastating tools to finish off your attacker quickly and easily.

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So Who Is This John Character?


John Wayne Legg – Founder & Chief Instructor. Over 28 years experience.

John Wayne Legg is a dedicated family man, and has firm moral convictions that permeate the REAL WORLD Combat system. John will always tell you that your best option is to avoid a physical confrontation as much as is possible. But, if you have to, finish things quickly and get out of there. Not everybody is accepted as student to train with us. We refuse to teach people who have the wrong motivations!

John has been studying and instructing different combative arts for over 30 years. He has trained in different forms of Karate, Kung Fu, Filipino systems, kickboxing, boxing, etc. John is a certified Close Quarters Combat instructor and holds instructor ranks in other systems. However at the end of the day, as John will tell you. When it comes to a Reality Based system such as REAL WORLD combat, your qualifications don’t necessarily mean anything.

You need to experience what is being taught for yourself, and ask the hard questions. Will this really work if my life is on the line? Can I rely on this technique to protect me and the people I care about. John will always explain to you, in his logical and easy to understand manner, why he is teaching you a certain way. Unlike traditional martial arts that discourage asking questions, questioning is an integral part of your training here at REAL WORLD Combat.

Click here for your training options.

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