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The free articles on this site and exclusive emails will give you valuable information from which to help you keep yourself and your loved-ones safe. Topics covered will include: Home Invasion, Surviving a Knife Attack, How to Mentally Dominate your Attacker, What is the Best Hand Strike to Use in a REAL fight?, Why you Shouldn’t try to Kick their Head, just to name a few. I’ll also have guest articles by experts in their field of Self Protection. Plus interviews with ex-criminals and law enforcement, giving you a unique perspective and how better to keep you and your family safe.

Due to the serious nature of these articles, I believe I have a moral and ethical obligation to limit who has access to them. So by filling out the basic details below, you are declaring that you are 18 years or older and that you do not intend to use this information in an unlawful manner. I don’t want to be a Nazi about this, thus it is an honour based system. Yes you could lie by your action, but that will be on your conscience!


John Wayne Legg


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