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Amanda Willimott

I have loved training with you, it’s given me so much confidence, plus I had an awesome time in the process. So thank you so much!

Austin Wragg

John Legg is an excellent instructor with a passion to see his students grow to their greatest potential. With years of expertise in his given field, he brings a unique teaching style that is second to none in all things combat and personal protection orientated. His passion has earned him in my opinion a slot among the most qualified teachers in his craft and makes him truly exciting to learn from him.

Training in John’s Real World Combat system changed everything I know about self defense. It is an adaptable system and is a must for anyone concerned about personal safety.

Anthony Yee

I have been both a training partner and student to John in Close Quarter Combatives and his approach to teaching is second to none. His approach to self-defence is practical and with a wealth of knowledge on the subject, even a few hours spent with him can be invaluable.

Chris Sandford

Since training at Real World I have gone from 6 push-ups to 60.

Joining Australian REAL WORLD Combat has been great for my fitness, health, safety and marriage (every wife likes their husband to have six-pack abbs). The combat training has not only been vital in my desire to protect my family, but is really enjoyable too. The class environment feels like I’m training with long-time mates.

I really love the family-like atmosphere, it makes me look forward to each session. Finally a combat system with no bowing and boring kata’s, just real people learning real techniques that actually work in the real world.

Jenny Xu

It’s an excellent course. The techniques are simple, easy to learn but very effective. The most important thing is that the course prepared me mentally. It was also a lot of fun!

Chris K

Since I’ve started training with John in Real World Combat I’ve noticed a great increase in my self-confidence, speed, agility and strength. That’s just the beginning, one of the most important elements in self defence that John trains us in is our mindset. “Mental Conditioning” is one of the most important things John helps us with and prepares his students for the real world, unlike most traditional Martial Arts.

Training with John has made me feel secure when I am out with my girlfriend, friends and family.

Dave Jones

If you are serious about protecting yourself and loved one’s this is the place to train. John teaches very easy to learn techniques that are brutally effective that anyone of any size can learn.

I have trained in filipino and indonesian combative arts and the RWC system is the “REAL DEAL”, no katas/forms or point sparring, just real techniques that work in the real world.

Michelle Campanilla

Real World Combat has given me my confidence back and provided me with real life self defence skills that can truly protect me.

John is an excellent teacher; He is patient and has an abundance of knowledge to share. He knows his audience and teaches accordingly.

Reece Letcher

I was 85kg and had weak muscles. I couldn’t even do 5 push ups, or 1 chin up, or 15 sit ups, and running was out of the question. Now I’m 75kg and feel fit as a fiddle and I also feel confident in my ability to defend myself to any extent when the need arise.


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